Recently, a friend asked me how to find a customer with linkedin . LinkedIn is committed to providing a platform for communication to professionals around the world and helping them to do more with less. LinkedIn has now become one of the ways for foreign trade clerk to find customers. There are several ways to find a customer in LinkedIn. I hope to help you.

find a customer with Linkedin

1. Use the company’s homepage to find customers When you create your company’s home page in LinkedIn, you will be asked to fill in the name of the company, the mailbox with the company’s domain name, and so on. As long as you write your company profile, website address, LinkedIn homepage address, your position and job overview in your profile, your contacts will be able to see your company and may go to your homepage. . 

At the same time, customers may be able to search your homepage when searching for industry names, product names, or cities. This is a more accurate search, it is likely that this is the customer you are looking for. In addition, each person’s home page has a followers. If someone else is interested in your product on your homepage, click follow. If you click follow, the customer will appear when searching for the industry name and product name. The chances are higher. This will increase your exposure and clickthrough rate. So you can also interact with others, and you can like it with Weibo. The LinkedIn homepage is designed to let customers find you, so it’s good to be able to do as much as possible. 

2. Active search. For example, you can search for the industry name, product name, company name, etc. You can view the company’s homepage, and find the customer company’s employees as friends from these homepages. Develop these employees and chat with them. If you encounter a buyer or a company leader, it is okay if you encounter other positions. You can get in touch with other company members by making friends with him. Taking the initiative to find customers, there will often be unexpected gains. 

3. Improve personal profile information.The more detailed the profile information, the better, not to leave blank, every item must be clearly written. The archives in LinkedIn are also graded. The seniors will actively add you as friends. They are likely to be your target customers. Even if you haven’t added you for a long time, you can take the initiative to add people on the guest list, they may also be your customers. LinkedIn also has similar buckle features, such as searching for people, and recommending people you might know. 

4. Join the LinkedIn group. This option is only available in English pages. You can give some keywords to search for groups. After you apply, you can make some ads for yourself. Groups in China are generally not allowed to advertise, and advertisements will be kicked out, and foreign groups are similar. Advertising can not be too excessive, can not keep on brushing. Some customers will post purchase requests or sell products. If you see related products, you can contact them. This is your target customer. 

5. The homepage edit box publishes product information. The LinkedIn homepage has a section similar to the button space, and currently does not support the issuance of maps, only text. When you have time, you can send your company’s product information to it, and all your friends can see it. If the customer is interested, I will naturally contact you. 

I personally think that LinkedIn’s development of customers still has a role, I have received a lot of customer enquiries, and some customers directly add me as a friend to ask me product information. Moreover, LinkedIn does not need to spend much time on us. As long as all the information is completed in the initial stage of creation, it will not be changed much in the future. Customers will naturally come to the door when they see your information. Especially when the foreign trade is off-season, it is possible to find a customer by taking the initiative to go to the UK.