When we use the computer, in order to protect our privacy, we always like to set a computer password when booting, so that the computer is not opened by others. However, if we forget the computer password ourselves, this is not a joke. When there is no password, no computer, and a computer, what should we do? How to crack the computer password we set? The following small series will share three simple methods for cracking the computer password. .

method one

  1. After the computer system is reinstalled, it will create a super administrator account “Administrator” by default, and its password is empty. If the user forgets his password, he can press “F8” to enter the safe mode when the computer starts up.

2. Then use the “Administrator” account to log in. After logging in and entering the desktop, delete the account that has forgotten the password.

Method Two

1. Of course, sometimes we may use the super administrator account “Administrator” directly. At this point we need to recreate a user to implement the login operation. When the computer is turned on, press “F8” to enter the safe mode, then select the “Safe Mode with Command Prompt” item to enter.

  2. Then select the [Administrator] item and the command prompt window will pop up. Then enter the command “NET US ER username password / add”, for example “net user feifeidown 123456 / add”, then reset the password for the account feifeidown to 123456 or create a restricted account with the username “feifeidown”.

  3. Next, upgrade the “feifeidown” account to administrator privileges and enter the command “net localgroup administrators feifeidown /add”. Then restart your computer and log in with the new user password pair.

Method three

  1. There is also a way to quickly crack the computer’s power-on password, which is to use the GHOST version of the system CD to crack. Such discs can usually be purchased at a computer store, put the CD into the CD-ROM drive, boot up and boot from the CD, and then select the “User Windows Password Crack” item.

  2. Then follow the prompts to select the location of the file where the password is saved. If you do not know the specific location, you can select the “Auto Search” item.

  3. Then you need to select the account name to be cracked again. At this time, you can choose according to your needs, and then officially enter the crack process. It only takes a few minutes to complete the crack. Finally, restart the computer and enter the corresponding user name to implement the login operation.

Ok, the above content is a small series for everyone to introduce how to crack the computer password. techtimepro believes that everyone must have learned the above three methods! For our privacy security, and computer security, for It is very necessary to set a password for the computer, but if you forget the password easily, you must find something to record it. After all, good memory is not as bad as a bad one! If it is really impossible to solve it, then the pros also I had to resort to a computer repair shop.