Looking for how to cast VLC to Chromecast? Do not worry about because there is some information that I have a research about VLC player cast on Chromecast device and finally, we got the solution. Let check more regards about it.

Starting with the VLC media player, it’s one of the best multimedia players for that most person used on their PC or Mac. Now the latest version of the VLC player gets lots of changes on their new updates of VLC media to cast. First, thanks to the huge library of codec’s. In this version of they continue its control, like VideoLan, recently the company has accounted for the software. It has been now starting working on their new updated VLC version 3.0, this version includes many improvements and features the users requested.

How to Cast VLC to Chromecast

Well, one of the most powerful features for the most waiting for the Chromecast user, Now the Google device has to send all types of a media file from your phone or laptop directly to your TV.

How to stream video from VLC Player 3.0 to Chromecast device

The most recent version of VLC 3.0 is still a work in progress to prepared now it has very flimsy, while if any clients need to download and have the direct involvement with the Chromecast work (VLC to Chromecast).

Buy a Google Chromecast

Cast VLC to Chromecast:

Step 1: First off, you need to download VLC 3.0 from below links; you can even download the extension version, so here we will try to download beta version that without compromising your stable version.

VLC for 64-bit Windows or VLC for 32-bit Windows.

Step 2: To cast your favorite videos, Just Navigate on VLC 3.0 to select the ‘Tools’ menu and the ‘Renderer Output’ option, or other ways to use a keyboard shortcut for this option is Control + Shift + R.

Step 3: Now you can see a new window will appear on your screen and VLC 3.0 will automatically start searching for all Chromecast devices connected to the same network. After a few seconds, the results should appear in the list.

Step 4: The only thing left for us to do is select our device and click on “Ok” to start the playback. Only one of the Chromecast we’ve tried has received a signal, but it disconnects a few seconds later, this proves that even though the VideoLAN team is on the job, Chromecast support is still quite unfinished.

An alternative to this feature is using the official Google Cast for Google Chrome extension, cast the entire screen and use VLC 2.x to watch our media.

How to stream VLC Player to Chromecast from Android

All things considered, VLC media player for android is presently upheld to Chromecast. It implies as of now doesn’t. They are provided for two choices:

a) locate an elective Android video player that streams to Chromecast (of which there are numerous), or

b) do it the verbose, battery-depleting way since you truly need to utilize VLC Player.

If you want to go with other option then it’s is your first choice, here’s how to go about doing it.

1# Install the Chromecast app on your Android device and pair your Chromecast with it

2# Open VLC Player and start the file you want to cast

3# Open the Chromecast app

4# Tap the menu button and select “Cast screen/audio

5# Follow the on-screen instructions to cast your device’s screen to your Chromecast

6# Go back to VLC Player and full screen the video and voila you’re done!

That’s it

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