As a pro-son Google house, G + outer chain-building and weight accumulation, and improve SERP rankings role can not be ignored – Google Plus on the posts to be its own search engine Index of speed can be said that second income, the fastest 1 can appear days in SERP in 

David tells you a piece of data – 70 % of commercial brands are displayed and exposed on Google+ . This SNS platform, which is ignored by many domestic foreign trade online marketers , is actually a huge gold mine to be excavated.

The “+1 button  on Google+ has more than 5 billion clicks per day , and if you don’t use Google+ , you’re bound to lose a lot of traffic and customers.

With Google+ marketing strategy planning, you can get a lot of traffic and leads . To quickly reach a goal, you can use some very cool of Google+ third-party tools. Here are some great Google+ marketing tools that can help grow your online business and drive more traffic through Google+ sites :

Google+ Essential Marketing Tools

#1. Circloscope 
#2. CircleCount 
#3. AllMyPlus

#1. Circloscope – G+ Chrome Extension

This is a Google Chrome plugin for Google + ‘s Circle management tool that helps build Circle based on the relevance of connect.

With this tool, you can easily track your fans and understand their popularity. You can also use this tool to manage your Google+ page.

One of the cool features of this tool is that it can circle other G+ users who are related to posts, or any other profile , to help you easily add potential friends in your circles and quickly expand your friends. You can also use this tool to easily unfollow the inactive follower.

If you’re looking for a tool to manage your Google+ account, it’s the perfect choice. Circloscope a lot of great features offered, to meet the various needs, especially follower management and growth 

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#2. CircleCount – G+ Chrome Extension

This tool analyzes Google+ profiles in detail , including details such as popular posts, profile engagement, and profile growth history.

CircleCount also help to view other profile details, you can also find help to expand the connection of the communities resources.

Through evaluation, David feels that this tool is not as powerful as the Circloscope , but it is very valuable that it provides good profile analysis capabilities. This makes it easy to track the growth of various engagements on Google+ .

#3. AllMyPlus

Provides all the statistics for Google + ‘s profile , including: the most popular posts you share, top location, and a chart showing your historical posting behavior analysis. Use this tool to receive a full set of information about your Google+ profile .

For foreign trade  free party  , cross-border marketers who want to view account statistics, this is a good tool.

These are David recommended 10 large G + marketing tool 1-3 No. tool, follow the detailed evaluation of each tool individually released, so stay tuned!