If your Apple computer does not have the Gmail app for Mac, you are missing out on a lot of useful features. Gmail is by far the most popular email client in the world, mainly because of its excellent features.

In its first days, you could only join Gmail after getting an invitation. This has since changed, and you can create an account at any time from anywhere. The sign-up process is fast and straightforward. The service currently has an estimated 1.5 billion users.Besides, Gmail is no longer exclusively available in the web version. There are apps for Android, iOS, Mac, and other leading operating systems.

How it Works

Gmail is financed by AdSense ads that appear on the side panels of messages when you open them in your inbox. The ads are non-intrusive and are matched to the contents of the message using Gmail’s algorithms.

Unlike other email clients, Gmail does not include ads in user messages. If you use an app on either Mac or Android, you will not see any intrusive adverts.

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Here the benefits of using Gmail app for Mac over other email clients.

Spam Filtering

Although most email providers offer spam filtering, Gmail is the best platform in this regard. It is particularly useful in protecting your inbox from spamming messages, viruses, and phishing attacks.

It is worth noting that Gmail anti-spam features are not entirely effective. You should always exercise caution when opening emails from unknown sources. For instance, you could invest in reliable antivirus software.

Google Hangouts Integration

The desktop version of Gmail has a Hangouts integration. Hangouts is a platform developed by Google that allows users to send instant messages, share multimedia files, and make both voice and video calls.

Massive Storage Space

When you open a Gmail account, you get 15GB of free storage space on Google Drive. You can save all the attachments received in your inbox to your drive. If for some reason you exhaust the initial 15 GB, you can get more at a reasonable price.

Free POP and IMAP

IMAP and POP are internet protocols that are used by the majority of email service providers to retrieve messages. By offering support for both, Gmail allows its user to use third-party platforms such as Apple Mail, Yahoo Mail, and Outlook to read messages in their inbox.

Excellent Search Function

Gmail has an excellent search functionality, mainly because it is a product of Google, the best search engine in the world. You can search your inbox and Hangout conversations and get quick results as you would if you were using Google.

Gmail’s search feature automatically ignores the Spam and Trash folders. You can also refine your search using the Advanced Search feature.

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Offline Access

You do not need an active internet connection to access your Gmail inbox. If you activate offline browsing in the stings menu, your inbox will remain accessible throughout. However, you can only send and receive new messages once the connection gets restored.

Labels, Filters, and Stars

Gmail uses labels to help keep your inbox organized. The advantage of this feature is that one conversation can have multiple labels, meaning that you are not compelled to store it in a particular folder. For instance, you can label a thread or a message as important or high-priority.

You can also create filters that automatically categorize incoming messages. By starring a message, you tell Gmail subsequent messages from that sender should get more priority.


The Gmail platform is easy to use and offers an abundance of customization options. You can customize colors, font size, font type, and themes, and so on.

Multiple Apps with One Account

By creating a Gmail account, you can access other Google services such as YouTube, Google Play Store, Google Drive, and Google Docs, and so on. Even better, you do not have to create an account for each of these platforms – you can use your Gmail credentials to access them.

Furthermore, you can use your Google account to sign up to several other third-party platforms, including social media such as Pinterest and Instagram. This ensures that you do not have to remember the multiple usernames you use across various online platforms.


Gmail is available across all platforms and allows you to customize the interface to match your preferences.  It is easy to use, provides ample storage space, and more importantly, it is free of charge.  It also releases regular updates to improve the user experience further.

Despite the prevalence of spam and messages containing viruses, Gmail continually upgrades its security features to protect the integrity of users’ data.  That said, you should always supplement Google by only opening messages from trusted sources and using reliable antivirus software.

Lastly, it is vital to back up your messages on a secondary platform other than Google. Google Drive is reliable, but it is best if you have several backup copies.