Did you notice this when browsing the website? Some websites start with HTTP, while others start with HTTPS. Of course, I believe that you are no stranger to HTTP. What is the difference between HTTPS and HTTP? Does it affect website optimization? Next, let’s take a closer look with our Optimus and Promotions.

HTTPS is a secure hypertext transfer protocol. It is a secure communication channel. It is developed over HTTP and is used to exchange information between client computers and servers. It uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) for information exchange. In short, it is a secure HTTP version.

The difference between HTTPS and HTTP:

1, HTTP and HTTPS are handled differently

The search engine spider has no difference in scheduling and parsing between the two protocols, they also support indexing.

2, HTTP and HTTPS link redirection

Spider supports https link crawling, but make sure that the http and https links are redirected well, 301 or 302. Also, submit the appropriate link using the redirect submission tool.

3, including HTTP and HTTPS

When HTTP switches to HTTPS, a new page is generated, but no re-containment is involved. Search engines are considered to be the same site and do not require revision tools.

4. The impact of HTTPS on SEO rankings

As far as rankings are concerned, there is no difference between these two links. For security reasons, there may be links to HTTPS in the future.

Will upgrading an HTTP website to HTTPS affect SEO optimization?

5. According to the official explanation, the search engine supports https sites, including:

Platform support. The search resource platform already supports HTTPS authentication and has a corresponding data submission interface for HTTPS to receive HTTPS data at a time. Grab support. For HTTPS sites, the spider and inclusion strategies have been upgraded accordingly.

6, display support. Depending on the situation, the search engine gives a certain degree of priority to the HTTPS site.

Therefore, the https site has no impact on seo, and the priority of http is relatively high, indicating that the search engine has placed https in front of http. In other words, https replacement http is imminent.