Saturday, January 18, 2020

How to change the win10 system hosts file? Win10 modify the host file method

Everyone knows that the Hots file is very important and will be used by some special applications. The win10 system hosts are modified in the same way as the xp...

How to crack the computer password, you can choose three methods.

 When we use the computer, in order to protect our privacy, we always like to set a computer password when booting, so that the computer is not opened...

How to uninstall Bluetooth driver under win10 system

When we want to use the Bluetooth device in the win10 system , we must install the corresponding Bluetooth driver, but sometimes we may encounter some problems and need to uninstall the...


Which simulator can be selected with the ios system

The simulators that iOS can use are: Chicken Simulator ios, Black Ray Apple Simulator. 1, chick simulator ios version