PlayStation 2 or PS2 is famous for home-based game entertainment since 2000 selling over 155 million game consoles. It has set a high standard in the world of video games with its innumerable number of games to date.

But the unfortunate part was that these games were for PS2 consoles only which were not supported in any other environment.

Now with the help of Ps2 emulators for Android, we can download these games for our Android devices and tablets.

Some of the most popular ones of Ps2 games are :

  • Resident Evil 4,
  • Grand Theft Auto 3,
  • Metal Gear Solid 2,
  • Grand Theft Auto,
  • God of War,
  • Metal Gear Solid 3 and many more.

These games are not available in android play store and to enjoy these we need Ps2 emulators.

Best Ps2 emulators for Android

1. Damon Ps2 Pro

It is the best ps2 emulator for android with its high speed and superb functionality. It gives a high-quality performance and runs almost all high profile PlayStation 2 games smoothly without any issue. It is not easy to find a high-speed emulator as ps2 games process a huge quantity of data which smartphones aren’t capable of.DamonPS2 Pro PlayStation2 Emulator

Check it here.

PPSS2 Golden

It is the first ps2 emulator for android and available in play store. It helps user play lots of ps2 games perfectly. It is compatible with most of the android devices like One plus 5, Xiaomi Redmi 4, Samsung and many more. It is very much user-friendly and can be downloaded for free. It is simple and the best ps2 emulator for android with a virtual ps2 controller.

Gold Ps2 emulator

This is the best ps2 emulator for the ps2 game addicts. The advanced features of this emulator make you forget whether you are playing in an Android device or original ps2 gaming console. It has a physical control option by which you can enjoy the fun of joystick and real-time buttons like a ps2 gaming console. It also saves battery usage being a light emulator and helps the user to fast forward their game if required.

PSP Emulator

Another best Playstation 2 emulator is the PSP Emulator. It is a free download emulator available in Android Play store. It ensures the best performance with its very high compatibility for games, high speed and perfect sound quality and high-quality graphics. It gives the pleasure to have a smooth gaming experience without any problem and also has a large File Processing System.

Xbox Emulator

Xbox Emulator makes the best ps2 emulator for android due to its cost-effectiveness with the feel of a high-quality gaming console. It helps users enjoy all Xbox 360 games smoothly in Android environment. It can be used anywhere like Windows 10 PC or Android device wherever the user wants to play. It helps the gamer connect to the gaming community and download upcoming new games.

The above mentioned best playstation2 emulators for android are best in high-end devices like One Plus 6, Samsung Galaxy 8. Other Android devices have very low speed running the emulator.

Advantages of ps2 Emulator

Ps2 emulator helps to eliminate purchasing costly game consoles. It is a cost-effective solution for the gamers. Emulators give the facility to play Ps2 games directly in pc as well as android without any gaming console.

Emulators have the capacity to copy the hardware present in gaming console sufficient enough to run any software supported by the game console. It uses the process of reverse engineering.

The working principle of console games is running through cd or DVD while emulators copy the memory chip of the game and make it easy to run in an Android environment.

 It also enables users to play the older version of any new game, modify the existing ones as well as translate to new languages for better game development.

Disadvantages of Ps2 Emulator

Although the best ps2 emulators help the gamer to have the best ps2 gaming experience there are some flaws which cannot be avoided.

Ps2 Emulators can make the gameplay in phones or pcs but they are unable to give the best graphics quality like in the game consoles. Also, most of the emulators have issues due to their low speed.

Steps to download ps2 Emulator for Android

  1. Before downloading best ps2 Emulator for Android, make sure your device has permission to download a file from all sources. Go to settings and click on download from unknown sources.
  2. Open your browser and go to
  3. Tap on Weekly build repository and click on play.apk from the available links.
  4. Open the downloaded apk file and click on install and then done to finish downloading successfully. Play! The App will be downloaded with a shortcut in the home screen.
  5. Open in your browser and search PS2 iso and click on the first link.
  6. You will be directed to the window for all available ps2 games. For example, if you want to download WWE Smack-down games go to “W” in the alphabetical row and search the game link.
  7. Click on the click to get directed to the downloading page.
  8. On the Download page click on the link in the bottom under direct download.
  9. The game downloading will start and once it gets completed you need to extract the .iso file from .7z file.
  10. After extracting the .iso file go to your folder section and drag the .iso file from there to Play data file folder and click on OK.
  11. After the file is transferred, go to Home screen and tap on Play!
  12. The .iso file will be there in the Play Application. Click on the file to begin playing the game.

You can also download other games in the same way. The speed of the game might be slow. If you are looking for faster emulators go for Daemon Pro for a better experience.

Popular entertaining games to play for ps2 Addicts:-

Some of the high-quality ps2 games which are never to be missed are as follows. You can enjoy these popular games by the best ps2 emulator for android devices in your smartphones.

1. Shadow of the Colossus

This is an adventurous game based on the story of a brave fighter. He has to fight Colossus in the game. The hero is in his way to journey to make everything all right and in the process of doing that he may lose his life too. He takes a life-threatening challenge fighting in the world of strange and magical creatures.

2. Beyond Good and Evil

This is a puzzle game. The girl character in the game is on a mission to solve some mysteries. So she enters the wonderland to solve those mysteries which is actually a puzzle and can only be solved by people who have an incomparable and intellectual ability. There are a lot of hidden secrets and magic spells in the game while the character unfolds the mystery.

3. Resident Evil 4

This is an action game full of scary creatures. You need to shoot the creepy zombies in this game with rifles. As you progress in the game you get to unlock advanced shiny rifles which efficiently kill the bloodthirsty zombies. All you need to have is your aim right else you die.

 4. Kingdom Hearts

This is an interesting game with different characters from Walt Disney. The main character of this game is named Sora who comes to a Disneyland where he discovers various Disney characters in his way.

 Each of the characters has their own thrilling stories which Sora discovers after meeting them. In his way, he has to face several monsters and bad people to prevent him from his journey. The game is all about defeating those monsters.

5. Need for Speed

This is a very popular car racing game almost every gamers’ favorite. The player in this game is in a new city racing with the experts with police after him in every step. One mistake and he will be caught. The player needs to defeat the expert races at different levels and finally, he has to do racing with the boss of the city. The game unlocks luxurious cars options like Corvette, Lamborghini, Mustang and makes more happening.

6. Spider-Man 2

This is an action game with Spiderman as the superhero. Here Spiderman is a superhero fighting all the evil in different places and keeping the city safe. But one day he is instigated by the scientist Dr.Octopus who starts destroying the city crazily. The game is all about stopping him to let things get out of control.

So now when we are aware about the different ps2 emulators and their downloading process we should cut the idea of purchasing expensive game consoles and go for the best ps2 emulators for our android smartphones and tabs which have easy installation and at the same time revives the exact feeling of ps2 game console.