With the latest and the most innovative Android devices that have been introduced in the markets, there have started an amazing competition between different cellular companies all over the world. There are so many people who like to purchase the Android OS devices only and this is all because of the best and the most innovative features available in the Android devices only.

One of the best things about these Android devices is that they offer so many amazing rooted Android apps for their users. The people can download any of the best Android rooted app from the Google play store anytime they want, totally free. The top 7 best apps for rooted Android phone are:


There are so many people who have been using this amazing rooted app for their Android devices from a long period of time. StickMount is one of the best and really very popular Android rooted app that can be downloaded really very easily from the Google Play store anytime the users want. This is the reason why this amazing app has got worldwide popularity among the Android lovers.

Titanium Backup:

There are a lot of reviews available all over the internet about this amazing rooted Android app that has been helping so many people to know more and more about the credibility of this super fast app. The Android users can backup the data of their Android devices anytime they want just by downloading Titanium Backup from the Google play store that is totally free. The only thing that is required for downloading this amazing app in the Android device is a wi – fi connection and the download is done easily.


When it comes to finding the best rooted app for the Android devices, NoBloat comes in the lost of th top 7 rooted Android apps. This is the reason why so many Android users have this amazing app installed in their devices, so that they can very easily backup any of their data in their device with the help of NoBloat. This is the reason why this app has become so much popular all over the world.


This amazing android rooted app has been providing many advance features for the users and this is the reason why a lot of people like using Cerberus for rooting their devices. All the user needs to do is download this amazing app from the Google play store and use it anytime they want.


The basic function of this amazing app is to stop all the unnecessary apps from running in the background of the Android device that reduces the battery life of the device. This is why it is considered one of the best rooted apps for Android devices.


This is another one of the best Android apps that has been helping so many people to root their systems anytime they want.

GMD Gesture Control:

The basic function of the Android app is to control the gestures on the device and this is the reason why so many people have been using this amazing app.

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