Nowadays, mobile apps , mobile games and mobile games are in full swing. Every year, a lot of very fine works come out every month. In the APP Ocean, what apps and games are you worth taking the time to try to play?

As the world’s largest and most authoritative official Android app distribution market, Google Play selects a number of excellent apps and games for the “Selected List of the Year” each year, and this year is no exception. Whether you are an early adopter or a regular mobile phone user, I believe that this year’s best rankings will help you find quality apps and games that you haven’t noticed. Let’s take a look…

Google Play 2018 Best Android “Game” list:

Of course, since this Google Play 2016 Best Android APP app list is mainly  selected  by Google (foreign).

However, for friends who like early adopters, this list still has great reference value.

Although this list is the leaderboard of the Android platform, students who hold the iPhone / iPad do not have to be disappointed, because many apps actually support both Android and iOS across platforms . In addition, it is estimated that Apple will release the best application list for iOS at the end of the year. You can look forward to it.

Best Game of the Year – Tribal Conflict: Clash Royale

” Clash of Clans: Royal Wars ” is a game of cool card tower defense strategy with the same world view as “Clash of Clans”. It inherits the familiar arms of COC such as Goblin, Giant, Barbarian, etc., but at the same time the game Change to a fast-paced “strategy + card + tower defense + MOBA” real-time competitive gameplay.

Unlike the original tribes, which are time-consuming and labor-intensive to run the tribe, players in the Royal War can quickly and immersively immerse themselves in a thrilling and fast-paced battle…

Unlocked Room 3 (The Room Three)

The Unlocked Room (The Room) is a very classic and challenging high-intelligence organ puzzle game series launched by Fireproof Games . The 3D graphics are very beautiful, and each generation has won Apple’s Best of the Year award. Absolutely a masterpiece in puzzle games! The third quality is still very good, definitely a must-have puzzle!

Never alone (Never Alone: ​​Ki Edition)

“Never alone” is a puzzle action adventure game that touches the heart and emotions. The game tells the adventure story of the wild ice sheet in Alaska. Luna and her white fox will embark on a difficult adventure, encountering a variety of problems, and even falling into the predicament of life and death. During this long journey, they gradually learned to rely on each other and support each other. This is the meaning of the game name “never alone.”


Mobius Final Fantasy is a derivative of the Final Fantasy series produced by Square Enix and distributed on the smartphone platforms iOS and Android . This is a game work developed on the smartphone platform with the goal of the “Final Fantasy” series of orthodox works.

Broken Kingdom

The Broken Kingdom is a classic amazing turn-based hero battle. Under the peace of the land, there is a great battle with the shadows cast by the darkness. Join the brave kingdom, along with Oz’s legendary hero, save the new protagonist Ophelia, and with the Tin Man, the Lion, and the Scarecrow, begin the epic mission. Stop rising evil, restore the balance of magic, and gain the glory of the kingdom.

Robot Adventures

Robot adventures is a puzzle game similar to the ” Monument Valley ” maze theme, but it also tests your three-dimensional spatial thinking and global thinking ability, as well as the advanced game play of the DIY maze. Coupled with the big-eyed robot that stays cute, it is a double pleasure of sight and play ability.

Her story (Her Story)

“Her Story” is a very creative puzzle analysis game, it can be said to create a new gameplay! The game story is based on a real case of disappearance. In the game, the player checks an old case in an interview video video archive of the police case through an old CRT monitor. In the game, you have to repeatedly observe, think, combine the information you need, and find useful evidence to solve this case.

The Trail

The average game is to fight the enemy, solve puzzles or avoid traps, etc., but “The Trail” is not the case. In the game you will become a traveler in the mountains, just to find the legendary village “Eden Falls”. You will be close to the goal and build your own shelter by exploring, building, collecting, trading, etc.

Royal Power / Reigns

If you are in the throne, you will play a king (or tyrant). Just swipe your finger and swipe left and right to make decisions to control your country. Through the endless cursed years, respond to the constant demands of your ministers, your army, your people, and your enemies, and weigh the forces to maintain their power. You have to be careful: every decision you make can have a major impact, incurring a torrent of unfortunate fate, bringing crises to your throne and family, leading to the throne of the throne and even life.

Crazy zoo

A 3D pixel nuisance adventure game featuring parkour, simulation management and fostering, you will play an adventurous peerless cowboy in the game. In the case of high-speed movement, it competes with various animals. You should pack as many animals as possible, bring them back to the “Sky Zoo” on the spacecraft, and upgrade the park to welcome visitors from all over the world to earn more coins.

Pokemon GO (Pokémon GO)

Elf Pokémon GO is an AR augmented reality mobile game that uses sensors such as mobile phone cameras and GPS geolocation to achieve “street” gameplay, trading, collection, training upgrades and battles. The combination of virtual and realistic creativity brings a completely different gaming experience. In short, it is fun.

Best indie game:

Rolling sky

Challenging and fun games, full of traps and obstacles, let you fall into it. Rolling Sky challenges your speed and reaction limits. Super gorgeous 3d special effects scenes, feeling imaginative traps and obstacles, let us control the ball to conquer the challenges of each world.

Rapids: Rebel (Riptide GP: Renegade)

The Whitewater Speedboat is a sports racing game with a very outstanding picture. It is known as the water racing masterpiece! The player drives the near-future jet skiing for arrogance, the speed is full, the overall feeling is dripping, and you can enjoy unparalleled racing enjoyment on the mobile phone! There are three game modes that can be used to unlock six speedboats for local competitions.

Web Red Anchor Simulator (PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator)

Follow the footsteps of PewDiePie, the hottest game network anchor in the moment, and make your own video in this PewDiePie Anchor Simulator to become the same net red! I have thought about one day that you have become the most fashionable, embarrassing and legendary anchor in history, and then the guy named PewDiePie is driven out of the altar?

Deep Sea Aquarium – a little cultivable aquarium

The AbyssRium Deep Sea Aquarium is a game that helps you soothe tension. Upgrade your stones, create your own fish, and build your own aquarium! The beautiful sea world is waiting for you to explore!

The Last Vikings

The last Viking pirate is a pixel-style pirate game. The game is more innovative, the gameplay is changeable, and the characters are cute. In the game, players can drive a cool pirate ship, build their own army, recruit heroes with diverse skills, assemble powerful weapons, and conquer multiple villages.

Best competitive battle game:

Thunder World (Mobile Strike)

Thunder World is an exciting modern warfare background military action game endorsed by Arnold Schwarzenegger. You can build bases, deploy actions in the game, and train your elite troops to fight against the enemy on the battlefield!

HIT: The Battle of Heroes

Korea’s popular ARPG multiplayer real-time competitive mobile game with excellent graphics. Domestically represented by Netease, the name is “HIT: Everything I guard”, HIT: The Battle of Heroes is the international version of the Google Play Store.


This does not need to be introduced, a fast-paced and highly confrontational card battle game from Blizzard.

Kingdoms (Lords Mobile)

The Kingdom Era is a multiplayer real-time war strategy game. You will play a lord in the fantasy world, build your own kingdom, train your army, and devote yourself to multiplayer wars, captive legendary heroes, and alliances with other players. Those who block your dominance of the world!

Animation chaos: Animation Throwdown: TQFC

Animated chaos: The battle of cards is a collection of card games based on Fox’s many animated protagonists. The works include “Agents”, “Happy Burgers”, “Spoof House”, “The Lord of the Family” and “Flying a Future”, all the classic characters will be assembled in a game. Of course, for domestic players, they may not be familiar with cartoon characters, so there is not much feeling blessing.

The most exciting game

CSR Racing 2

Known as the #1 top line race track racing game in history, the game uses the best 3D rendering technology to deliver the most beautiful and realistic supercar ever. Now you can enter each car and experience the meticulous interior details, including the factory interior options. You can also modify your car with a wide range of paints, rims, brake calipers and interiors to experience the world’s top configuration options. Personalize your car with a choice of paint appearance, labeling and custom license plates. Even you can adjust more parameters such as gear ratio, tire pressure and liquid nitrogen system duration.

NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball

EA’s NBA basketball game, because EA holds the copyright of the NBA, so the game can include all the active players and retired well-known players, basketball fans must not miss!

Star Wars: Galaxy Heroes

“Star Wars: Galaxy Heroes” is a trading card game made by EA. This book covers the worldview and protagonists of the Star Wars of the past, including the classic movie trilogy and the animated “Star Wars: Rebels”, “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” and prequel movies, players can freely choose themselves Role and team up against.

Hungry Shark World: Hungry Shark World

Hungry Shark World is a fast-paced, fast-moving game where players will survive on the beautiful Pacific Ocean beaches, the icy deep seas of the Arctic Ocean and the rushing foods of the Arabian Sea.

Walking Dead / Ghost Road: The Way to Survive

“Ghost Road: The Way to Survive” is an adventure RPG adapted from the well-known American “The Walking Dead”. Players will create survivors in the game, lead them to fight in difficult and dangerous worlds, pack zombies and humans, seek Survive, use strategies to attack enemy weaknesses, and change your destiny step by step.

The most unstoppable game


A small game that can be poisoned in an instant! ! Downwell looks a lot like the classic “Men’s 100th Floor” type, and the gameplay is constantly falling. However, Downwell is not only more fluid, but also refreshing, but also reached a new level of this type of game. It’s no exaggeration to say that it may be the most exciting and refreshing action game on the mobile platform, because it achieves a sense of fluidity and shock on the phone.

Color Switch

The Color Switch is a very savvy little game of “dot crossing” that passes through when the dots and circles are in the same color. Play on both iPhone and Android phones. Each time a circle of different shapes is used, the dots will also change color randomly, requiring some reaction time. In normal mode, you can play all the time, and the game ends without going through the circle.

Dreamscape (Gardenscapes)

“Dream Garden Gardenscapes” is a fun three-game. The gardener who wants to play the garden explores in the twists and turns of the story, let the beautiful garden restore the glory days!

Best Fiends Forever

BestFiendsForever is a fun click-and-play casual game in which players will explore the world of Minusia and beat the various bad guys they encounter along the way to collect coins and unlock new abilities and skills. And look for the legendary treasure, this is a world full of unknowns!

Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector

Cat Collection is an interactive, casual game where players place food and toys in the garden of the game to attract wild cats to visit your home to complete your cat illustrations.

At last:

Due to the large list of the game’s list, we will not introduce them all here . The friends who have the condition.