The 9apps App Store is tailor-made for a wide range of partners. You can download the latest and most comprehensive games and software from abroad without installing the Google Store. You can solve all your download troubles with one click and join the download experience. !

The App Store is an overseas mobile application distribution platform under the Alibaba mobile business group, covering markets in emerging countries including India, Indonesia, Russia, Brazil, Southeast Asia and the Middle East.  The platform has an average daily circulation of more than 26 million and is rich in resources.

Because google has already withdrawn from the Chinese and other market, many Android phone users want to use the google app store to download things. It is very troublesome and needs to be downloaded through complicated operations. Now with this 9apps mobile version, you can directly download various Google software. Just enter the name of the Android package and search for it.

Application characteristics

2. 9Apps not only gives you top trending apps & games recommendations from Google Play, but also offers free downloading for high quality wallpapers and ringtones.

1. Get the latest news and live coverage at the top of the main screen.

2. Once you read the story, because they have the story of the app, the delivery is faster.

3. Find the story you are looking for, even with the new app and Spotlight search feature improvements.

4, select columns to click on the rankings to see what applications you have been using recently.

5, a simple search, so that you want to appear immediately in front of you.

6, the hot period of the popular journals is wonderful, click to download can not stop.

7. Find the story you are looking for, even with the new app and Spotlight search feature improvements.

1. Abundant apps,games,wallpapers and ringtones with professional recommendations.
–More than 200 thousands of free resources are waiting for you here. And professional editors will highlight daily recommendations for you.

2. Concise visual effect with smooth operation.
–Small-sized apk helps save storage for your device; Also, concise interface and smooth operation give you super awesome user experience

3. High downloading speed without any block
–Quickly finish downloading without any block during the whole procedure.

A simple 9App story

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