Internet connectivity in rural Canada has been a topic of country-wide discussions for a while now, and rural entrepreneurs and families have increasingly realized the value that high-speed internet can bring to their lives.

Studies have shown that the lack of internet access is particularly harmful to small- and medium businesses in rural and remote areas as it hampers economic growth, limits job opportunities and also affects the life of the rural community in several aspects, from access to healthcare, higher education, job opportunities, government schemes and benefits and connectivity with the rest of the country.

If you’re still making do with low internet speed and on-and-off connectivity, take a look at five of the many ways that opting for high-speed internet can benefit your business.

  1. With 24-hour uninterrupted access to the internet, you can explore online shopping platforms and the possibility to tie up with established online sellers to widen your reach and gain more customers. Using the power of the internet, you can bring your niche offerings to a global market and increase your revenues while still enjoying a slow-paced country lifestyle.
  2. You can use the internet to upgrade your skills, sign up for a specialized course in your field of work, earn a certification or simply expand your knowledge in an area of your interest. The web is overflowing with free online courses in an astonishing range of subjects that you can use to gain or advance your professional know-how. For instance, if you’re a rural entrepreneur who wants to learn accounting or budgeting, you can sign up for free or paid self-paced online learning.
  3. If you’re a rural farmer, you can use high-speed wireless internet to buy and sell raw materials, fresh produce and livestock, get up-to-date weather information, buy modern farming tools and equipment at competitive prices and better strategize planting and harvesting your crops. The article How To Get Free Rural Internet from Wave Direct explains how you can get a reliable connection with unlimited data, even away from major cities.
  4. With a good internet connection, you can set up a website, an online payment system and social media accounts for your home-based business and grow it into a substantial source of income. If you’re done with paying for a broadband service that leaves you with limited or no internet, consider switching to a provider that especially serves rural customers with high-speed fixed wireless internet at competitive prices. Choose a provider that offers a free trial so that you can discover the benefits of high-speed internet for your business before signing up.
  5. Aside from helping boost your business, consistent and hassle-free high-speed internet can have a positive impact on your family’s lifestyle by enabling interruption-fee access to the worldwide web, education sources and digital streaming platforms such as Netflix. While you enjoy country living with your family, a good wi-fi connection can serve as your window to the world and keep you and your family connected, entertained and informed.