Directory websites still play an important role in today’s online marketplace, and they can classify different websites in an orderly manner for users to view. The classified topic or area on the directory site can also help the site get more traffic.

These catalogs use editors to filter website content and perform quality assessments before categorizing the site. The catalog site then edits the description and title of the site to better test the category that the site is suitable for.

All information on the website can be found in these directories. You can think of a directory as a database because the directory contains the relevant website information for the classification. Some directory stations have search bars to help users navigate and search for keywords to improve SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

SEO and directory station relationship

Websites that provide high-quality content and enough keywords will allow search engines such as Google to identify and trust content on the site; higher-ranking directory sites will help you get more traffic. Therefore, the better the directory of your website, the better the SEO effect.

Despite these features, many directory sites have been penalized by search engines such as Google. Many directory stations are not updated with information and are full of spam, which makes it difficult for online users to trust the directory, which has led to a decline in the popularity of the directory. However, some directory stations are still trusted and still provide high quality services. Looking for a good directory station needs to pay attention to the following points:

• Good directory sites should use social media or other strategies to market themselves, not just rely on the directory site itself. If a directory station is very popular, many users will use it to search for online business, so you should first study the operation of the website before selecting the directory station.

• Premium catalog sites will not accept all suggestions received. If a directory site is business-minded, it will take some time to approve the website listing, which indicates that they have higher judgment.

• SEO is important, but it is not the only way to increase your site’s exposure. If a directory station only provides SEO options, it would not be a good choice.

Here are 10 directory stations that can help you grow your business, divided into general directory stations and local directory stations:

Universal directory station

As the name suggests, Universal Directory serves any type of website, including:

Alive Directory

Alive Directory is a veteran directory station with a strict screening system, so the number of websites on the directory is limited, and it also guarantees that high-quality websites can get listing opportunities.

All submissions for the listing website are manually reviewed. Alive Directory also edits website titles, descriptions, and puts them in appropriate categories to increase awareness. The Alive Directory only charges approximately $50 in listing fees and $100 in link fees per year.

Jasmine Directory

Founded in 2009, Jasmine Directory is a directory site that categorizes different websites by subject and region. The founders claim that almost all website listings in the Jasmine Directory are manually selected. The Jasmine Directory is divided into 14 categories based on regions and topics, which are then divided into sub-categories; each category contains a complete description with images associated with that particular category.

In addition, you can customize the website listing through social media pages and contact information, and the company’s Google Map location will be generated accordingly.

Aviva Directory

Founded in 2005, Aviva Directory quickly became one of the most trusted and popular directory sites on the Internet. Although it is a general-purpose directory site, it lists the website and blog modules based on the classification, making it easier for users to click through. Aviva Directory’s visitor traffic has grown steadily at a rate of about 70,000 per month, mainly because the Aviva Directory has frequently updated website information, which has increased credibility.

The high-quality articles published by Aviva Directory attract a large number of external links and make them stand out from the same industry. The Aviva Directory is approximately $50 an annual fee and will place your site in a specific category with links to your four website details pages.

Best of The World(BOTW)

BOTW was established in 1994 and continues to provide quality services to its customers. Like Aviva, BOTW also expands its business through specialized classifications. In addition to the general website listing, BOTW also has country-specific categories, blog categories, and even a local-based category.


Founded in 1996, Jayde was originally a B2B resource platform, but has grown to become the industry’s leading business directory. Jayde offers various types of website information.

Local directory station

Local directory sites are centered on the local market; they will help you find any relevant businesses or services from nearby, including:

Directory Journal

Directory Journal has about 80,000 subscribers per month, so your site will be easy to notice. Directory Journal will list the relevant key website listings according to the sales season, and users can also purchase goods and services directly through the directory. The Directory Journal monthly fee is approximately $60.

Bing Places

This is a directory of Microsoft Corporation; users can request additional information such as images, contacts, etc. to Bing Places ‘ website listing, or add new sites to the directory.

Google My Business

Google’s Google My Business not only helps improve the ranking of your site in Google search results, but also determines the location of your company in Google Maps. In addition, Google My Business will provide users with your website information, contact information, and even addresses.

The most prominent point of is that it rates and comments on most companies. Here, you can not only find the highest rated companies, but also local companies nearby.

Yellow Pages

This is the world’s most widely known web directory station and the oldest directory on the Internet. Originally a directory book directory company, Yellow Pages has grown to become one of the best local business directory stations. In addition to this  if you have business or blog in India then you can also check below Indian directory submission sites.

Below are Indian sites for directory submissions.